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Twiriginal: For Uncanon Twilight Couples
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All Members , Moderated

Welcome to twiriginal, a community where you can post about your favorite uncanon couples. You're allowed to post pretty much anything that is noncanon or AU. Read the rules for a full description of what is allowed here. We just want you all to have fun and enjoy posting about your uncanon obsessions!

1. If you ship canon, we will throw apples at you, because we are out of tomatoes! Just kidding! What we mean is, please respect each other's ships. We'd rather that you didn't talk too much about canon in here, because this is an uncanon community!
2. No bashing of other ships. Try to be open to all ships, whether they're slash or het. No bashing of characters either.
3. No flist hurting pictures! LJ-cuts are your friend!
4. No canon ships unless they are alternate universe (AU). Example: Alice is human and finds Jasper.
5. You can post pretty much anything here: discussions, ideas, fics, art, manips, fanmixes, etc.
6. While it's not mandatory, we would REALLY prefer and be grateful if you tagged your own posts.
7. If you'd like to affiliate with this community, just click here and leave a comment.
8. If you're promoting another community, please make sure it's Twilight related.

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